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All New * GIZZMO * >53PSI Electronic Boost Controller for Ford XR6 FPV Turbo Focus

All New * GIZZMO * >53PSI Electronic Boost Controller for Ford XR6 FPV Turbo Focus

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Gizzmo MSIBC Electronic Boost Controller 

- Latest V3 Model

- Packed with features

- 53psi capable.

Some information from the manufacturer:

Gizzmo’s MSIBC has been on the street now for approximately 10 years and has the glory
of being John Bradshaw’s choice on his 7.45sec 187mph GTST Skyline.

Albeit the best value controller anywhere, the MSIBCV3 uses a genuine American MAC
solenoid and a precision Motorola pressure sensor. All the critical hardware components
are high precision and quality branded items.

In it’s initial design we purpose built an engine setup so we could fine tune the boost control
on our hub dyno up to the advertised 3.5 bar; we ran it up to 53 psi to be exact (3.65bar). At
that level we were getting fluctuations of +/0.3 psi on the test mule, so approx 1%.

This control software still resides at the heart of the MSIBCV3 although everything around
it has been improved. The processor is now 16bit instead of 8bit. Physically it is 80%
smaller and 70% lighter (with bracket) than previous versions. Now, to make mounting
easier, it has a mounting bracket, also we have now added a feature that allows you to
quickly set up your boost, even in real time whilst on boost if you’re feeling a little crazy.

So like most of todays technology, the MSIBCV3 is easier to use, lighter, smaller, more
powerful than ever before yet still costs the same. We challenge you to find a better value
boost controller anywhere.


● NEW for V3 Easy set Boost feature
● NEW Reversible adjustable mounting bracket
● NEW Tiny Profile (57mm x 26mm x 30mm)
● NEW Weighs approx 40g with bracket
● Remote Scramble/Memory Change
● Simple 2 wire installation
● Open and Closed loop boost control
● Closed Loop Solenoid Supervisor
● Operating Current < 0.5A
● Reverse Battery Protection
● 6 Boost Memories
● 32mhz 16bit RISC Processor
● Active Over Boost 5psi to 50psi
● White 7 segment LED display
● White backlit buttons
● Real Time digital boost gauge
● Pressure Display in PSI, BAR or KPA
● Suits Internal or External Wastegates
● Comes complete with High Performance MAC Solenoid & All Fittings

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