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Genuine * GIZZMO * Klite Knock Monitoring Detection Unit & Knock Sensor for Skyline

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Genuine Gizzmo K-Lite Engine Knock Monitor G00010 (Black Carbon)

PLUS knock sensor and plug in harness / loom. 



Gizzmo's K-Lite signifies a new evolution in engine protection. With 11 frequency & gain settings, 6 knock display levels, peak recall and housing 2 processors dedicated to protecting your investment, you know exactly how close (or over) the limit you are. The accuracy of the KMon in the size of a shift light. Available in Blue, Silver or Black 

Why do you want a Gizzmo K-Lite?
Ask yourself a few questions...

  1. What is your engine worth to replace/rebuild?
  2. Did your tuner, reflash or chip employ a tune that suits your conditions/mods?
  3. Is that last tank of fuel you got the same as what the car is tuned for?
  4. How will you know if your fuel pump/injectors have issues causing a lean out?

There is a good reason that proper tuners and car manufacturers monitor knock, it's because knock is the most likely reason that your engine will incur some very costly damage. A Gizzmo K-Lite will let you know if you cross that fine line in between the 'ultimate tuned monster' and 'catastrophe'. We all know that the fuel from one service station to the next is not necessarily the same due to shelf life, additives, contamination etc. We also all know that cars feel different in summer vs winter due to air temp, humidity etc; so with all these changing factors, how do you know and monitor that your tune is still in check?

Once you have modified your vehicle you have stepped away for the safety of the OEM tune and safety buffer. Even worse, if you have an after market ECU or tune, it will most likely be tuned for whatever fuel you had in your tank at the time of tuning. Even fuel level has an effect; the lower your fuel level, the higher your fuel temperature via recirculating through your fuel pump and, in the case of internal pumps, cooling your fuel pump. A higher fuel temp has a similar, but lesser, effect as a higher intake temperature. When a car is re-flashed or chipped, the additional power is gain, at least in part, by scaling back the manufacturers 'buffer' which is the conservative timing and fuelling to allow for the changing conditions outlined above which is fine, so long as you can monitor it to make sure it is safe. A Gizzmo K-lite is fully adjustable (knock frequency and gain) to be tailored to your engine/mods unlike other knock lights which employ a one size fits all philosophy. In addition to this the Gizzmo K-Lite also has a peak recall and a price that fits every wallet. So, why wouldn't you want a Gizzmo K-Lite?

Why not just use an A/F Meter?

Using a wideband A/F meter is way better than using nothing at all...but...there are a few important things to know first. A lot of permanent mount A/F meters are 'narrow band' not 'wide band', this means they are for 'narrow band' sensors which can only accurately determine if you are above or below 14.7:1 A/F whereas a wideband can typically recognise from 8.5:1 to 19:1. A wideband is a very effective tool for determining your A/F ratio and as such will let you see if you are leaning out at the top end as a result of defective or incorrectly sized fuel pump/injectors etc. The K-Lite will also let you know if you're leaning out because if you are leaning out to a critical point, you'll get detonation which the K-Lite will pick up on immediately, but here is the difference. The K-Lite can not tell you if the problem is ignition or fuel related, it will simply let you know you have an issue that needs resolving whereas the A/F meter will tell you you're leaning out e.g. the problem is fuel related. 
With the K-Lite however, it will also let you know if you have knock be it from high intake temps, bad fuel, incorrect ignition/fuel mapping, a faulty EFI sensor, ignition fault etc, anything that can cause knock and blown up your pride and joy where as an A/F meter will simply let you know your A/F ratio. Typically tuners will use a wideband to get the A/F ratio in the ballpark and then advance the ignition/lean out the fuel whilst utilising a knock monitor to determine the limits of the tune. So essentially, while there are similarities, the K-Lite and A/F meter are two quite different tools.  When tuning for real horsepower,  you need BOTH! 




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