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In the very beginning we started produced as a racing constructor of NISSAN type engines only and since day one we have produced & tuned many racing engines. 
Our standard procedures with the biginning of each new engine development, is to thoroughly inspect each engine component thoroughly for every aspevt of each part after disassembling and cleaning each part. 
This is our daily routine and habit. 
We foumd this to be the best procedure to find and address the engines good points, weak points and it helps us to accurately re-evaluate it for its new purpose. 
We then rebuild it and make it close to the original but a new stronger complete ideal balanced engine. 
This is the basic procedures of our complete engine development. 
We now make many complete engines of various brands and we are not limited only to NISSAN engines. 
We never neglect anyone nor do we risk taking any shortcuts as to make a better engine will always take time to forge every engine to perfection. 

The end result is a complete product to brimg the best performance available that both we and the end user can be proud of and have every bit of confidence in our products and their cars performance. 

TOMEI will keep challenging to make you satisfied.
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