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AEM FIC 6 Programmable ECU for BMW Turbo E30 E36 E46 E39 325i 328i M3 330i 530i

AEM FIC 6 Programmable ECU for BMW Turbo E30 E36 E46 E39 325i 328i M3 330i 530i

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Want to turbocharge or supercharge your BMW? Here is an affordable and yet powerful tuning solution - The AEM FIC:


AEM’s F/IC 6 is a PC-programmable piggy back controller that allows users to retard timing and add fuel to virtually any 4 and 6 cylinder engine - even on variable cam timing engines (VTEC, iVTEC, VVTi, MiVEC, etc). The F/IC works in parallel with the factory ECU and allows vehicles with CAN-BUS to retain the full functionality of the climate controls, cruise control, dash, and other components of the network.


If you have boosted your factory engine, or plan to in the future, the AEM F/IC is an affordable alternative to a stand alone engine management system that still allows for powerful tuning. The F/IC can work with either factory or larger aftermarket injectors, and can even clamp a factory MAF so you can run boost with your stock mass air flow sensor. This allows someone with an OBD1 or OBD2 (or other EFI) vehicle to easily and safely add a turbo or supercharger to their vehicle yet still maintain every day driveability. 


• Works with latest OBD-II race vehicles including those with variable valve timing

• Variable valve timing controller based on engine RPM and load

• Injector inputs with simulated injector load used when remapping OEM injectors

• Injector controller for either remapping of ECU output (+/- 100% trim) or as a stand alone extra injector driver

• 21x17 maps with configurable load and RPM breakpoints

• Analog in/out for remapping/clamping MAF

• F/IC can draw power from PC USB for quick and easy calibration changes - even when it's out of the car!

• On board 64K datalogger

• Drives high or low-impedance injectors with use of Peak & Hold Injector Driver Box

• Up to five channels of timing retard

• On board 41PSIA (25PSI boost) manifold pressure sensor

12 month seller warranty!

A note about installation:

Please be mindful that this unit is a universal ECU - we recommend using a qualified installer and researching your application thoroughly before purchase and installation. The listed BMW models have been reported as suitable, however we may not have technical information specific to these or your specific application. Please feel free to ask us questions! We are happy to help where possible.


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