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NEW o2 Oxygen Oxy Sensor for FORD EA EB ED EF EL XH XG LTD BRONCO F100 F150

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Brand New PREMIUM O2 Sensor - to suit Ford models (refer suppliers listing below) 2 Year / Unlimited KM warranty.

Oxygen sensors optimise fuel economy, reduce harmful emissions and improve engine performance. These items wear and need to be used as a service item - check your OEM recommended replacement intervals - is your o2 sensor due?

This is a quality aftermarket sensor - premium grade component without a premium price tag.


3 Wire

Please check APPLICATION LISTING below for suitability to your model:

Year  Model Badge Engine Notes
12/87-4/92  Falcon  EA, EB,  CFi 4.0L 6 cyl  
12/87-7/94  Falcon  EA, EB, ED,  MPi 4.0L 6 cyl  
6/91-11/94  Falcon  EA, EB, ED,  MPi 5.0L V8  
8/94-96  Falcon  EF,  MPi 4.0L 6 cyl  
8/94-11/96  Falcon  EF,  MPi 5.0L V8 x 2
96-98  Falcon  EL  4.0L 6 cyl  
96-98  Falcon  EL  5.0L V8 x 2
93-96 Falcon  XG Longreach  4.0L 6 cyl  
91-99  Falcon  Longreach  4.0L 6 cyl  
96-99  Falcon  (ute) XH  5.0L V8  
96-99  Falcon  (ute) XH  4.0L 6 cyl  
96-99  Falcon  (ute) XH, XR6  4.0L 6 cyl  
96-99  Falcon  (ute) XH, XR8  5.0L V8  
88-10/94  Fairlane  NA, NC,  CFi 3.9L 6 cyl  
88-2/92  Fairlane  NA, NC,  MPi 5.0L V8  
94-99  Fairlane  NF Ghia,  MPi 4.0L 6 cyl  
94-99  Fairlane  NF Ghia,  MPi 5.0L V8  x 2 
96-98  Fairlane  NL,  MPi 4.0L 6 cyl  
96-98  Fairlane  NL,  MPi 5.0L V8  x 2
88-10/94  LTD  DA, DC,  CFi 3.9L 6 cyl  
91 on  LTD  DA, DC,  MPi 5.0L V8  
8/94-96  LTD  DF,  MPi 4.0L 6 cyl  
94-96  LTD  DF,  MPi 5.0L V8 x 2
96-98  LTD  DL  4.0L 6 cyl  
96-98  LTD  DL  5.0L V8  x 2
87 on  Bronco    EFi 5.0L V8  
85-90  F100    MPi 5.0L, 5.8L V8  
87-88  F150   5.0L V8  


Notes - sensor tip may vary slight from image or original sensor. Latest revision will be supplied. 


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